The YS Co- Founder  Ms. Mariyam’s, Eventful Journey to Crafting a Dreamy 5th Birthday Celebration for her daughter in Dubai

In the glamorous city of Dubai, known for its high expectations and grandiose events, Miss Mariyam, an esteemed event planner, embarked on a personal and professional challenge: planning her daughter’s 5th birthday celebration. With family and friends anticipating nothing short of spectacular, the pressure was immense. Here’s how she navigated through her challenges, turning hurdles into triumphs.

The Theme Quest

What a party without an enchanting theme! So, Ms. Mariyam came up with the theme “Sarrah’s Wonderland” to showcase her love for her little princess. The concept was to transform the entire venue into a wonderland using various elements like castle, flamingos, butterflies and more picturesque elements rather than just balloon and light.

 Finding the Perfect Venue

The quest for the ideal location was the first of many hurdles. With guests hailing from both Dubai and Sharjah, accessibility was key. Ms. Mariyam’s search spanned across five to six venues, including Shahat Farm in Fujairah, Paradise Farm, Royal Farmhouse, and several more in Ras Al Khaimah. Ultimately, the choice fell on Princess Farmhouse for two pivotal reasons: its breathtaking beauty and the exceptional cooperation and affordability offered by the venue coordinator. While other venues quoted exorbitant Eid and party rates, Princess Farmhouse stood out by not imposing additional charges for the celebration, making it a financially wise choice. Moreover, the opportunity for the family to stay over, enjoy breakfast, and have access to the pool the next day turned the event into a delightful family getaway.

Catering to Culinary Delights

With the venue set, the host turned her attention to another critical aspect of any party: the food. Leveraging her extensive network as an event planner, she sought quotations from multiple caterers. The focus was not just on finding a cost-effective solution but also on ensuring the culinary experience would be a highlight of the celebration. The careful selection process underscored her commitment to quality and her ability to negotiate the best possible deals, reflecting her expertise and dedication as an event planner.

Decoration: A Family Affair

The decoration aspect of the party was particularly close to the heart. Unlike client events where expectations are predefined, this event was a canvas for creativity. The host and her husband aspired to build a castle for their daughter, transforming the venue into a wonderland without relying on conventional balloons and foam. This endeavor included custom-made elements like butterflies and a pink castle, showcasing a family’s love and dedication to creating a magical experience.

To add a personal touch, Mariyam’s husband, Mr. Mustafa wanted to design and install the castle (the most significant element) himself. Being Ramadan and despite the hectic schedule and fasting, Mr. Mustafa impressed the whole family with his creativity passion to create something one of a kind for his little princess.

The Attire Challenge

A significant part of the event’s charm was its color theme of pink and peach shades, setting a soft, magical tone for the celebration. The quest for the perfect attire to match this theme led Ms. Mariyam on a diverse shopping expedition. She sourced some outfits online from India, purchased others locally in Dubai, and for the men in the family, opted for custom-tailored pieces. This approach ensured that the entire family’s attire was in perfect harmony with the event’s theme, adding a personal touch to the celebration.

Innovative Return Gifts

Understanding the importance of memorable return gifts, Ms. Mariyam explored various options before selecting the perfect one. She chose customized neck pillows and luggage tags, featuring each child’s name and a cartoon character, catering to all age groups. This thoughtful and practical choice was met with overwhelming approval from both kids and parents, highlighting the events planner’s attention to detail and her desire to provide gifts that were both unique and useful.

Overcoming Challenges with Creativity and Love

Ms. Mariyam’s journey in planning her daughter’s 5th birthday in Dubai is a testament to the power of love, creativity, resilience, and meticulous planning. By blending professional expertise with personal touches, she not only met but exceeded the high expectations of her family and friends. The celebration was not just a birthday party; it was a memorable experience that left an indelible mark on all who attended. Her story is an inspiration, showcasing how challenges can be transformed into triumphs with the right mix of dedication, creativity, and family support.

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